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Types of FIBC bulk bags Infographic

Types of fibc bulk bag infographic, a primer

Before you jump to “Types of FIBC bulk  bag infographic“, reader must understand that FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) a.k.a Jumbo Bags which are available in different size and specifications. And there’s a good reason to why many potential buyers get confused while choosing the right FIBC for there product. Thus the buyer, therefore, need to consider several factors, apart from the cost when selecting FIBC for shipping non-hazardous substances.

In this blog and many more to come in future, we discuss the factors you must pay attention to when placing an order for FIBC bags. However, we will also provide some precursor knowledge so that the buyer can take full benefit, of the types of FIBC bulk bags infographic that we’ve provided below in this blog post.

What kind of Material do you want to transport in an FIBC bag?

The penultimate thing that you need to consider is the material you are going to transport in the bulk bag. It’s a cast and stone thing while selecting the FIBC, such as:

  1. The nature of the material to be transported. If you are to transport fine particles to be used in industrial applications, you need to be cautious as the dust of most chemical substances is explosive. When dispersed in air, a majority of the industrial used dust is explosible. If you are not sure, you can conduct a “Standard Test Method for Explosibility of Dust Clouds” to determine if the material is explosible or not.
  2. If the material is identified to be explosible, you will need to find out the Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE) of the dust material, which is the lowest electrostatic spark energy that could ignite a dust cloud.
  3. Another factor that plays a crucial role when selecting an FIBC is the evaluation of the surrounding when filling and discharging the bulk bag. You need to find out if flammable vapour or gases would be present when the bag is being filled and discharged.

Nevertheless, you also need to evaluate the ability of powdered particles inside the bag to generate or retain an electrostatic charge when it is being processed, filled or discharged.

Types of FIBC bags Infographic

Finally, we’v arrived to the crux of this blog. Below is an infographic we’ve prepared for you the potential buyer to understand the types of fibc bags you might consider for your business.

Different Types of Fibc bags infographics

Size & Specification of FIBC to consider.

 Since this blog post is all about the giving the information about the type of fibc bags quickly, the size and specification would require a separate article of its own, which will also be posted in future.

Nevertheless,  you need to consider FIBC of an apt size. Its width should fit into your choice of transportation. It should have strong lifting loops that can hold the weight of the filled bags. Also, check the discharge outlet of the bag when selecting an FIBC. The discharge outlet should be large enough to ensure smooth pouring of the material.


We hope you may have found this article on our blog post informational. At Dev Ventures India, we continue to make stride in helping our potential customers to educate them about the product that they are getting into. 

We recommend potential buyers to have  a discussion with our FIBC experts who have the credible experience in helping the customers find the right fibc solution.