Special Bags

Let’s face it, industrial packaging application sometimes can be tricky. Certain food items are required to stay fresh during transit, or dry chemicals such as Fertilizers need to be kept in anti-friction packaging materials. Consequently, standard bulk bags don’t cut-in. Although they might offer much flexibility in terms of bulk packaging, they aren’t the best option when you are dealing with materials or items that require special instruction for man-handling or bulk transportation.

With our special bags lineup, take the guesswork out of your bulk packaging needs. Empowering your business with packaging solutions that demands more safety and stability during transportation. 

We manufacture four types of such bags with custom sizes as per requirements. Take a look below. 👇

Special bags Asbestos_sideview

  • Securely locks asbestos class H materials. 
  • Safeguards human life at asbestos material sites such as landfill etc. 
  • Flame retardant materials used.
  • Available in FIBC, PP, Platten and Container Liner options.

Special bags, Q-baffle FIBC bags

  • Carbon graphite based conduction.
  • Fully conductive bag components (Loops, Body Fabric, Spouts & Skirts.
  • Resistivity factor within range of  108J.
  • 360 degree ground points protection.
  • Safeguard Human life with Type-C bags.

Special bags, UN Bag for product showcase bar

  • Secure transportation of hazardous materials. 
  • Safeguard surrounding and human life.
  • Identification, labeling & tagging as per UN specs.
  • Full spectrum of tests conducted such as Vibration, top-lift, stack-testing, tear & drop testing etc. 

Special bags, Ventilated food bag

  • Designed for storing soil-based food items.
  • Vents designed for ample air-flow.
  • Retain freshness of food items.
  • Safeguard against moisture and mold formation.

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