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What Exactly Is A Bulk Bag?

FIBC, also know as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers are large, woven polypropylene bags plastic bags designed to carry, a large quantity of free-flowing dry bulk material. The lifting characteristics of these bags are attained using lifting loops (straps) woven around the perimeter of the plastic fabric.

What Materials Are Used For Making FIBC bag?

Bulk bags are manufactured using raw materials, such as Polypropylene. Polypropylene is the material that imparts the “flexible” properties in the bag. Polyethylene is also used to construct the liner component of the bag, restricts the permeability of the material with the external environment. Polypropylene when mixed with UV (ultraviolet) resistant chemicals provides the coated or uncoated properties to the bag. 

Safe Working Loads

An SWL (Safe Working Load) is an industrial metric used to benchmark a piece of lifting accessory to safely lift or, suspend the mass, such as free-flowing bulk material. It’s the ratio of MBL (Minimum Breaking Load), to that of Safety factor (SF).

When working with bulk bags, it’s highly recommended to follow Industrial best practices while loading and, unloading bulk materials. Each bag can weigh from a meagre 250 KG to a 2 Mt. Ton behemoth.

SWL for a fibc can range anywhere between 3:1 and, 6:1. Depending on the type of industrial application it’s being designed for, by the manufacturer. At Dev Ventures, our bags designed with SWL of 5:1 as standard, that’s a commitment we hold dearly as a Fibc Jumbo Bags Manufacturer.

To know more, head over to this wiki page for more technical understanding of SWL. 

What Types Of Construction Available For FIBC?


A 4-Panel jumbo bag constructed from 4 separate fabric yarn panels, interwoven together at the perimeter of the fabric yarn, to form a square shape flexible container box. To complete the process of constructing the bag, a fabric yarn sheet, used to construct the square bottom of the bag; thus creating the packaging solution.


A large piece of fabric yarn flexed in a “U” shape and, two side panels of fabric are, sewn to each of the opposite sides. Once constructed; attains square shape when filled. Form stability improved further by providing inner baffles. U-panel bags serve as a cost-effective bulk packaging solution and, high safe working loads with much-improved durability.

Circular Bag

A valuable alternative to four-panel bags. Constructed using a circular loom and hight adjusted cuts are made to give a smooth confined shape with no vertical seams. The tubular body design is ideal as a linerless option for fine and hygroscopic materials. They are circular in name only and will take a regular “square” shape when filled with product.


To further Improve form stability, stackability and, storage space, special internal fabric baffles (panels of fabric sheet) are sewn to adjacent corners internally. This helps retain the cubic shape of the bag, generally employed to Four-Panel or U-Panel bags.

Four-Panel Fibc Bag display image
Square-form Circular bag

Bags Options By Specialty

UN Certified Bag

UN Bags are used to indicate If the material being transported is hazardous. It’s a good standard industry practice to label such bags with UN labels. There’s no added advantage of whatsoever other than special labelling of the bag.

Electrostatic Bag

Type A Bulk Bag — Electrostatic safety features are excluded.

Type B Bulk Bag — Type B bags are designed with special yarn fabric that isn’t capable of generating or propagating brush discharges. The panels are capable of the breakdown voltage of fewer than 4 Kilovolts.

Type C Bulk Bag — a.k.a Conductive FIBC is constructed from electrically conductive fabric, designed to transfer electrostatic charges by grounding. The fabric which is used is constructed from conductive yarn thread or tape.

Type D Bulk Bags — Anti-static FIBCs, are bags are constructed from fabric with anti-static or static dissipative properties. Such bags do not require grounding cords.

We have a great source of infographic that you can view and read at our blog page.

Lifting Loops Options

Bags can be customized with slew of lifting loop options at your disposal. We’ve provided visual aid to help you understand various lifting loops you can choose, depending on your bulk containment needs.

Lifting loops options.

Filling & Discharge Options

Top Filling Options
Various top filling options for fibc bags
Bottom Discharge Options
Bottom Discharge Options for Fibc Bags.

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